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<font size="3"><b>Quality, Handcrafted Brass Guitar Picks made in Waynesboro, Georgia, USA <img src="" width="5%" title="Click for a larger view" id="imgElement" alt=""><br>






<i>Although decorative, these are excellent picks and can be used for playing.</i> </b><br>









<b><u>GENERAL INFORMATION</u></b> <br>



·          Picks are solid brass.  They are etched using a chemical process. <br>



·          All picks are shaped, beveled and polished by hand with no other color added. <br>



·          Approximate size is 1.19"H x 1"W x .015" Thick.  <br>



·          Brass is a soft metal that is not harsh on your strings and produces a crisp, clear tone that cannot be matched with plastic picks. <br>



·          Custom work is available (see below).






<b><u>SHIPPING</u></b> <br>



·          All picks are sent out in an Envelope <b>(NOT A PACKAGE)</b> by regular USPS First Class Mail.  This has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way to ship. <br>



·          USPS Priority Mail (with tracking) is available at an extra cost for US orders only. <br>



·          US orders usually take 3-6 days for delivery. <br>



·          Shipping is available Worldwide. <br>



·          International orders are usually delivered in 5-12 days. <br>



·          Please ensure that your mailing address is correct.  Be sure to include your apt#, flat#, suite#, etc. <br>



·          In addition to the notifications sent by Ebay, I will send an email directly to you with all shipping details.






<b><i>Mailing Envelope</i></b><br>



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<b><u>CUSTOM PICKS</b></u><br>



·          Customization and custom picks are available.  <br>



·          There is extra cost and time involved for custom picks, especially for two-sided picks.  <br>



·          Custom Picks can be created with your name, logo, date, etc. <br>



·          Discounts are available for larger quantities of Custom Picks (contact for details). <br>



·          I can also do plain and etched picks in various shape, sizes and thicknesses. <br>



·          Please contact me <b><i>before</i></b> you place your order and I will make a template for your approval.






<b><i>Examples of Custom Picks</i></b><br>



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Please contact me with any questions or requests.<br><br>



Thank you for looking,<br>



Donald Coleman <br>








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